Darlington Gin

With DARLINGTON we looked at four factors:


For the purist and the connoisseur gin needs to taste like gin! This might sound like stating the obvious but many gins now on the market are infused to such an extent that the juniper flavour, the very essence of pure gin, has been rooi-bossed, khaki-bossed, in fact “bossed” out of existence. Darlington is a REAL gin.


Darling and the West Coast are host to some incredibly rare species of flora and it was therefore appropriate to look for provenance that exemplifies this. We chose the mythical and mystical Kukumakranka plant. Gethyllis is the only bulb in the world to produce a delicious fruit from below ground, and the fact that it is extremely hard to find adds to the mystery.

The other reason for choosing the Kukumakranka is this plant’s rich history, especially with the Khoi-San people who believed it its aphrodisiacal and healing properties and an association with the spirits of the soil.

The taste of the Kukumakranka is as subtle and mystical as the plant itself.  Maybe the best analogy is that of an orchestra performing on stage – in DARLINGTON the gin is the orchestra and the Kukumakranka the conductor – an essential to the performance, from whom you hear nothing and yet without whom it could not happen.


DARLINGTON is all about the gin, it’s tastes and flavours. We chose not to use a heavy ornate bottle but opted rather for “simple sophistication”. This is a gin that packs the punch as opposed to punching the pack!  Sensible packaging enabled us to apply sensible pricing and have our gin-loving customers able to share generously with friends and family whilst not having to tuck their Darlington away in the cupboard for special occasions only – indeed, serve a Darlington and the occasion will create itself.


DARLINGTON is a gin for gin lovers and who seek nothing more than a really good gin. It is also a gin for “explorers”; those who like to add subtleties, be it with different tonics, some added fruits, herbs or even a flower or two.

We have provided the performers, the performance is over to you.

R360 per bottle